Friday, February 26, 2016

Squat challenge

A couple of weeks ago…

Oh my gosh! I’m SO sore today. Yep. I’m feeling it.  Feeling it all! My glutes…quads…. Um wait.  There HAVE to be more muscles in there.  Holy cow. 

A friend is doing a squat challenge over the next three months.  10,000 squats in three months. 112 per day. Or if you don’t do them on Sundays it would be 129 per day. THAT’s a lot of squats!

I’m already sore from my workout the day before.  I did some squats, lunges and some lunge jumps. Yep!  I hurt. 

So, I choose a workout that is different from the day before.  There won’t be any squats in it, right?  WRONG!  I don’t even know how many I did during the workout.  It was burning so badly I didn’t bother to count.  I was gritting my teeth to make it through the entire 60 second interval.  YIKES!

Once I do my cool down I decide to see just how many squats I can do…just to see. I know. I’m crazy.  But I love to challenge myself.

120. Yep.  I did them all. And now I’m SO SORE.  But I think I’m going to try more tomorrow.  


  1. More power to you! My exercise these days comes in the form of hauling laundry, chasing toddlers, and running up and down stairs. :)

  2. Thanks!! If I had 12 kids I wouldn't be exercising the way I do now...that's for sure. And I think I'M busy. Whoa boy! I only have 6. I can only imagine. You definitely get a workout with everything you have to accomplish every day.