Monday, February 29, 2016


I sit down to write. I open my computer. The computer is turning on. I open up MS Word.  The girls start arguing. Someone said something unkind.  One sister won’t let the other sister play with her. Someone wants to be by herself.  Sigh. Having an introverted child...can be interesting. She comes by it naturally though…

I go into the living room and sit in between the girls.  I try to talk to them about playing together.  I talk to them about sharing. I talk to them about being nice to each other.

I have had this same discussion with them so many times I’ve lost count.  Cassie would rather play by herself.  Cassie would rather not have anyone telling her what to do.  Cassie wants to pick ALL the shows she watches. Cassie wants to play with ALL the toys. Cassie likes her alone time; and a lot of it. Oh Boy!

Great! I wonder how she will be as an adult. 

Somehow I convince Cassie to watch a show with Alyssa.  Finally.

I sit back down at the computer and begin to write.  I’ve written a whole 2 sentences and I see Alyssa walking across the furniture. REALLY!!!  “Alyssa! Sit down! No walking on the furniture.” She promptly sits. 

I type a few more lines and I catch a glimpse of Cassie in the living room.  Nice!  “Cassie! Sit down! Do not stand on the furniture!”

Then I realize I can’t see Alyssa anymore.  I LOVE my children! 
“Alyssa, you better be sitting on the couch.”

I type some more.  Alyssa appears in the doorway.  “Mom, I was only doing it because Cassie was doing it!” 

SERIOUSLY?? My 16 year old uses the SAME excuse!

“So does that make it right?”


“Then DON’T walk on the furniture.”

Back to typing. OH MY GOSH. I wonder how I ever get anything done at all. It truly is a MIRACLE that anything gets completed. The amount of time it takes to get any one task accomplished can double or triple in time depending on how the kids are behaving on a given day.  It’s FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!

I go back to my typing. Todd wakes up from his nap.  I pause for a moment to talk to him.  Then I go back to my task. 

“Hey Mom!” Todd calls to me.  “What?” I ask, feeling a little annoyed at the continued distractions; now from an adult too.

“Come look at us!” He says. 

I may have let out a sigh...just maybe.  I get up and this is what I find. 

Hahaha! If you can’t beat ‘em…join ‘em!


  1. I am still learning to deal gracefully with interruptions. It's when I realize that my older girls are watching me, and I think about how they will treat their children when they are mothers based on my example that I recognize my shortcomings. I'm working on recognizing the interruptions as part of my day instead of intrusions in my day.

    Todd is one awesome dad!

    1. Yes! It's amazing how they learn everything from our examples. I've gotten a lot better about dealing with interruptions. But some days...

      Todd is pretty amazing! I think I'll keep him. ;)