Monday, February 1, 2016

The coat

Kids are awesome! 11 year old Colin is fantastic. He might even make a great lawyer one day.  He is the master negotiator in the house.  It’s so great!  Insert eye roll here… 

It’s winter in Maine.  It has been very cold.  Some days it’s been in the single digits with wind chill factors below zero.  Um yep…it’s cold.  Bundling up is a must!

Yesterday we had a high of 34 degrees.  It was downright balmy out compared to the negative temperatures we had.
Colin is finishing getting ready for school. He stuffs his winter coat into the pocket of his backpack. Then he asks if he has to wear his coat. “Yes, you need to wear your coat. It’s 19 degrees out there.  It’s BELOW freezing.” I said. 

“But it’s not cold to me!” he complains.
“Dude! It’s cold to anyone.”
“No it’s not.  I just stood outside for like a minute and it’s not cold.”
“A whole minute? That’s it? You’re going to be outside for 15 minutes waiting for the bus.  You need to be warm.”
“I will be warm. I’m not even cold outside.”
“They won’t let you outside for recess without a coat. You need to have your coat.”
“It’s in my backpack.” He walks away for a second, thinking he’s won. Too bad, so sad!

“You’re going to wear your coat!”
“Mom, there were kids taking off their coats during recess yesterday.  Come on mom.  It’s warm out.”

I ignore him for a few minutes.  He thinks he’s finally made his case now.
“So, can I leave my coat here?”
“Did you not hear what I just said?”
“But MOM! It’s not cold.”
“Yes it IS cold! And I'M your mother. And it’s MY responsibility to make sure you leave this house dressed warmly enough for the weather. You need your coat on!”
With a smirk on his face, he picks up his backpack and puts in onto his arms so the bag is resting on his chest. “There.  I have my coat on.”
“Nice try, Stinker. You’re wearing your coat.”
He hangs his head…and tries again.
“Please! Can’t I just keep it in my bag?”
“Colin. No. You will wear your coat.  And when you get to school you can put it into your bag.”

He spins around and sets the bag down to take out his coat. Oh the struggles of being a kid.  One day he’ll realize that I had his best interests at heart…I hope.  


  1. We haven't needed coats lately here, but we have needed at least a jacket, and I've had the same arguments over and over again with my crew. :)

    1. *chuckle* Yep! It's so fun! I don't know what I'd do if I could go a day with all of my kids being agreeable and doing what I ask the first time. :)