Thursday, May 12, 2016

And THAT's the kind of morning I've had!

When you can't shut your brain off to fall asleep...
When your husband, who's been working nights and needs to go to sleep can't fall asleep...
When you toss and turn...and toss and turn...all...Night...L O N G...and can't figure out why...
When your husband is starting a new job and has to get up at 4:15 in the morning after almost 10 MONTHS of working 5pm to 5am 3-4 nights a week...
When said husband falls asleep on the couch while watching a show because he can't get his body to fall asleep...
When his alarm clock goes off at 4:15 am and you your half awake state...that he's not in the room and you have to shut off the alarm and go wake him up...
And now your brain won't stop...

Yeah...that's the kind of morning I've had.  Haha!

BUT...I've been more productive this morning than I've been seems.

Load the dishwasher...check.
Gather remaining dirty dishes...check.
Give the mewing kitties treats...check.
Dump out gross leftovers...check.
Bleach the ICKY sink...check.
Carry 50 lb bag of popcorn upstairs...check.
Empty the bag of popcorn into ziplock bags...check.
Spill popcorn kernels while trying to put them into bags quietly, since the rest of the house is still sleeping...and cause a "rainstick" effect.  haha! Check! Woops!
Sweep up runaway popcorn kernels...check...wait...I missed some...check.
Make a bowl of popcorn for Johnny to take to school...check. (Haven't done that in weeks.)
Remind Alex to brush his teeth...F O U R times (insert sound of groaning child after each reminder!)...check. Sigh....gotta love ADHD.
Annoy your child...check.
A long hug from Johnny...check.
Feel very productive and VERY wide awake...check.

I WISH I could fall asleep...There's no going back to sleep now. I'm gonna FEEL this tonight!  SIGH!
Wouldn't it be SO nice if we could fall asleep ANYWHERE, ANYTIME like our sweet littles do?!

I'm SO thankful for the blessing of a new job! It came at a perfect time.  Now we just need to get our bodies adjusted to the change and we'll be "all set", as we say in Maine.

AND I posted on my blog before having to wake up the rest of the kids...check.

I never thought a lack of sleep would put such a smile on my face!