Thursday, February 4, 2016

Who's money it is anyway?

We’re sitting at the dining room table enjoying a nice meal together.  My husband is actually home. He’s gone a lot working nights.  My sister hands me some money and tells me it’s for the items she purchased at Old Navy.  I nod my head and start to put it into my pocket.  My husband, who apparently is in a teasing mood, tries to grab it.  I tell him to stop and explain that it’s for the stuff we bought. 

I said, “Do YOU want to pay the Old Navy bill?”

And he comes back with, “I DO pay the Old Navy bill!”…insinuating that HIS money pays the bills…because I don’t make any money. I’m a Stay at Home Mom.

Oh my goodness! He knows that gets me ALL RILED UP!  He doesn’t really mean it. I KNOW that. I just have to tell myself that! He loves to get me going.  Drives me NUTS! 

He has always insisted that I stay home with our children.  We both feel that it’s the right place for me to be.  Which means that I don’t contribute to the actual income of the family.  I DO decrease our expenses though. THAT is for sure. I'm pretty frugal. 

And yet if it comes right down to it, he’ll be the first one to defend Stay at Home Moms.  He says what we do is invaluable.  He’s a good guy!

AAGH! But he’s still a STINKER!  And I think he may just have to sleep on the couch in the very near future…


  1. Have you read this cute, cute post?