Monday, March 7, 2016


Our oldest son has had what we are referring to as “episodes”.  Yeah. They’re great!! We have NO IDEA what they are or what is causing it.  Every once in a while he’ll get weak, shaky, has a hard time breathing and is unable to walk on his own.  After a few minutes the symptoms usually wear off and he begins to regain his strength. Blood pressure is always fine by the time it is checked.  It’s just weird! 

He’s 17 and a senior in High School.  These symptoms have happened at home. They have happened at church.  And they have happened at youth activities. 

Just recently I got a call from the school nurse at the very end of the day.  Johnny was in her office.  He had an episode while walking to homeroom for the last few minutes of the day.  He felt the symptoms begin and wasn’t sure he’d make it to the classroom. 

He entered the room stumbling and holding onto the door frame.  Another student noticed and asked if he was okay.  No he wasn’t. The nurse was called and she brought a wheel chair to his classroom. 

How embarrassing; especially for an introvert.  He’s SO shy. 

By the time I got to school to pick him up he was able to walk out to meet me. The nurse chatted with me and gave suggestions. 

On the way to the car I asked him how he was feeling.  “Fine now,” was his reply.  

“How was the rest of your day?”
“It was good up until I had to ride through the entire school in a wheel chair.”

Yeah.  NOT FUN!

The very next morning I took him to the hospital for blood work ordered by his doctor.  It was quick and fairly painless.  The results came quickly; just a couple of days.  Everything was normal.  No answers. 

Next up…a pediatric neurologist.  I hope we find some answers.  


  1. I hope you find answers too. Not knowing is not easy. In the meantime, I hope he is able to gain inner strength from this experience and the people who help him and be/become a source of help to others who go through difficulties because of what he learns. (You can do hard things, you are wonderful!)

  2. Yuck! This must be scary! I surely hope for answers to come.