Friday, March 4, 2016

Anger...OH BOY!

No school! Yay! No school! I can sleep in.  But wait.  UGH! No SCHOOL. That means no routine. Oh well.  I decide to sleep some more anyway.  At least sleeping in is a plus! 

I roll out of bed after 8.  I go upstairs and immediately am assaulted by kids who refuse to listen.  Arguing.  Rationalizing.  Heated discussion. 

Alex gets grounded. Sigh. GREAT start to my day!

A little while later. I get a phone call from the drama club instructor concerning Alex.  Great. Time for a discussion.  I finish cooking my eggs before going downstairs to talk with him.  I make sure I’m calm because I’ve learned that being upset when I have a discussion with anyone is not productive.

He ends up in tears. Being a teenager is rough.  And being a teenager with ADHD is even rougher.  He begs me…pleads with me to give him “anger management”. 

So, I start searching online. And I find a site that almostperfectly matches the things that I have said and always say to my kids when they are angry. 

We sit and read the site and talk about it.  He is forcing himself to be so calm he almost robot like.  He’s afraid to show any emotions at all.  He’s afraid of allowing himself to lose control again.  


  1. Oh! I have so much sympathy for your boy! I have an angry, angry daughter, and I struggle with anger management, too. Tell him he's not alone!!!!

    1. It's always nice to know you're not alone. I'll tell him. :)