Friday, March 18, 2016

I wish

I want to be a runner...but I'm not...YET. 

I'd say I have some pretty lofty goals when it comes to fitness.  Some of them I wonder if I'll EVER meet.  Although, I don't have any dead lines. HAHA! That would be too difficult. I simply WANT to get stronger.  

This week I have woken up almost every morning with a headache.  I used to have them ALL the time.  I definitely DO NOT want to go back to that lifestyle.  It's horribly rough.  

Today's headache I knew was from staying up too late.  Hey! When there's a day off from school and I don't have any early obligations I'm GONNA watch some shows after the kids finally go to sleep.  The "alone time" is blissful.  And it only happens once in a while. 

I got up, stretched and headed for the kitchen. The more I moved the less my head hurt.  That was a good sign.  

I didn't get much exercising done this FABULOUS! 

I headed outside to check the wood-boiler and realized that the temperature isn't too bad.  It's 36 degrees and sunny.  It felt good.  Yeah. I know. That's cold.  But it felt great.  

I needed to exercise.  I needed to move.  I felt the need to run.  Well, maybe jog. Haha!  

I changed my clothes and started jogging up the camp road.  

The muddy ground was soft under my shoes. Squishy. In some places it was dry and firm.  I tried to keep my feet on firm ground. 

I focused on my breathing.  Breathe in. Breathe out.  Breath in. Breath out.  I jogged for a while, dodging puddles...breathing in the fresh air. 

The icy wind blows against my face making my eyes water.  Warm tears run down my cheeks. That's annoying.  I wiped at my cheeks. It's hard to see through the watery eyes.  Just keep going...

I keep running. I'm halfway up the hill, but I can't make it.  I walk as briskly as I can. At the top of the hill I start to jog again. 

I want to say run, but I know better.  It's a jog.  

I reach the end of the road and check the time.  I have a few minutes.  I keep going.  Keep pushing. Keep breathing...enjoying the brisk air. 

I turn around and head back.  I have an appointment to keep.  I jog all the way home.  I can't believe I made it! I didn't have to stop.  What a THRILL!  

I might not be a runner, but I think I can safely say I'm a jogger.  It might be slow, but I'm getting stronger every time.  And THAT's all that matters.  


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    1. One day, my friend, one day. You will have the time to do it again. :) You are SO blessed with a glorious house full of amazing little people. It makes me smile just thinking of you and your family. ((hugs))