Monday, March 28, 2016

Silly Putty is just CRAPTASTIC!!

I just absolutely LOVE when I find treasures on the toys. Yes, you read that right…ON the toys. Oh yes! I was picking up a few toys to put them away while Alyssa was TRYING to wake up for school.  I picked up a Ever After High doll that seemed to be stuck to a baby doll. Upon further inspection, I realized that the dolls were stuck together with some sort of purple goo.  At first I thought it was gum, but as I began to peel the baby doll away from the other doll’s hair, I realized that it was S.I.L.L.Y. P.U.T.T.Y!  GROAN! NO!!!

GREAT!  Now I have to figure out HOW in the world to removed silly putty from doll hair.  Sigh!  I searched and searched the web for ideas.  But many of them were for removing silly putty from human hair.  I could see putting vinegar or another natural substance on human hair, but I wasn’t entirely sure what it could do to colored doll hair. 

My husband thought I was silly for taking the time to fix the doll.  He said he would either cut out the chunk of hair or throw the doll away.  Um NO!  It was a Christmas present this last year.  I couldn’t bring myself to destroy the doll or to place it in the depths of the trash can, never to return again.  Alyssa would be devastated. 

I began by pulling the large clumps from the hair. Pulling hard enough, the silly putty would break.  So I kept pulling at it. Large pieces started coming off. Once I got most of the globs off I realized that if I separated the strands of hair I could pull more off the hair.  Starting at the bottom, I squeezed the hair with my thumb nail and first finger and pulled the pieces down the hair.  Separating more strands, and pulling more silly putty off…

It was tedious.  And a couple of times I almost gave up. STUPID s i l l y   p u t t y!!! But over the course of the day I pulled all of it out of the hair.  Now, because her hair is blue with purple highlights, you can’t see any of the remaining silly putty.  It’s only a tiny bit.  And it blends in with the purple hair.  Haha!  Works for me!!

The things we do for our kids!!! 

There's a new rule in my house...NO MORE SILLY PUTTY ALLOWED!!!  Yep.  That's right.  None.  It's awful stuff!