Monday, January 25, 2016

What is THAT!

“Oh no! The trash leaked on Cassie!” I heard Norissa say from the table.  My face crinkled in question. “What?” I asked as I spun around to look.  My eye brows furrowed and my nose wrinkled. 

What the heck is THAT?!  Cassie sat on the floor covered in what MUST have come pouring out of the trash bag as Johnny took the trash out to the can.  I ran for the stairs to stop Johnny, “Johnny!  Stop!  There’s a whole in the bag!” But there was nothing else on the floor or down the stairs…I realized.  Weird! 

“There’s no hole in the bag, Mom,” he yelled back.  What!!

Cassie continued to scream as she sat in the pile of…sludge…dripping down her legs and off her hands.  I ran to her side and took a closer look.  OH MY GOSH! It smelled like fish.  No joke.  At first it looked like meat chunks that smelled fishy.  Ugh. Yuck.  SO G. R. O. S. S!

Cassie’s screaming got louder and more intense.  She wasn’t hurt.  Then what was her problem?  Oh yeah.  She’s covered in this…sniff…sniff…OH CRAP…it’s dog vomit…from my parent’s dog.  Light bulb! Hahaha!  No wonder it’s such a big pile! Still she sat screaming. Her little leggings were covered from bum to feet with puke.

I grabbed paper towels to clean up the pile on the floor.

Somewhere in the short minutes between me asking Johnny to take out the trash and him taking the bag down the stairs the dog got sick; a nice huge warm pile. No one heard it!  So he’s a silent vomit-er? Apparently Cassie came running into the kitchen and slipped on said grossness…covering herself in goo.  EWWW!  I was having a hard time not laughing…

She was still screaming…and getting louder all the time.  I stood her up and tried to take her clothing off but she kept screaming and wiggling.  I tried to speak calmly to her but she couldn’t hear me over her wailing.  I raised my voice and asked her to stay still so I could get her clean.  She wasn’t having ANY of that! REALLY?!?! Apparently she couldn’t hear me through the vomit covering her skin. I guess it was grossing her out too much. The more she moved, the more she smeared goo on the floor.

Trying to prevent more smear-age…I finally hollered to Johnny to hold onto Cassie. And that’s when I realized she continued to freak out because it was still on her hands.  Gag! Seriously! I quickly wiped her hands and stripped her down.  But she continued to wail. When will the screaming stop?? I forgot to breathe. I was trying not to laugh…through the screaming…

Johnny carried her screaming, flailing little body into the bathroom and set her into the tub. Norissa stood by keeping an eye on the upset little wiggler in the tub. I can’t even remember when the screaming stopped because I was still trying to clean up the mess on the floor.  I kept finding more splatters... It was awesome!

AT LAST…all clean…I ran the bathwater and scrubbed Cassie clean.  I guess my dad called and asked what we were up to. Haha!  Funny! My sister told him the story. He replied, "I bet you wish I had called 5 minutes ago!" Bahahaha…perfect timing!

This whole time I was supposed to be working on dinner. The chicken was finally thawed. And it was already 5:00pm.  Sigh! I guess Hawaiian Haystacks would have to wait until tomorrow.  Left overs it would be!  Isn’t it just craptastic!!!

Oh yeah…breath…inhale…exhale…giggle, giggle. What a circus!


  1. Oh, my! There must be something in the air--across the whole country! I just read a post by a friend whose dog had diarrhea in the night, and it got everywhere.

    Poor Cassie!

  2. Oh my gosh! I think that might just be worse. Yuck!!

    Little miss Cassie was fine once she got all rinsed off. But it was a bit comical for a while!